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Receive messages from your loved ones
Understand yourself in new and profound ways

Mediumship and psychic reading, sydney. recieve messages from loved ones.


Receive messages from loved ones on the other side. Book in for a mediumship reading.

psychic readings. recieve guidance from your spirit guides and your higher self.


Receive guidance, clarity and wisdom from your spirit guides and higher self in a psychic reading.

intuitive career guidance sessions with sheila vijeyarasa in sydney


Sheila will provide clarity, insight and guidance to assist you in creating a fulfilling career.

Her reading was extremely accurate, heartfelt, comforting, and insightful and helped me regain clarity on where I am heading. She was very clear and specific on information from my passed over Aunty that helped in my healing.

spiritual blog, sydney, sheila vijeyarasa. spiritual journey and path - awakening


My blog aims to give you guidance, especially in the early stages of your spiritual path. My intention is to accelerate your Awakening process and help you to overcome your fears and some early emotional stumbling blocks.

In sharing my personal journey – the triumphs and difficulties my aim is to help you to listen to your own truth, your intuition and to Awaken to your calling. 

I have a passion to help others to Awaken. Why is this a passion of mine? Because Awakening for me has been one of the hardest, yet rewarding experiences in my life. It is the foundation from which I am now leaping from.

spiritual interviews with leading spiritual teachers, healers and psychics with sheila vijeyarasa.


Over time you will see your triumphs in their triumphs; you will learn how to navigate the turbulent waters as others have. You will ultimately find solace in a global community of people Awakening. You are not alone. But the journey that you will take will be yours alone. 

If this Awakening speaks to you – then these people’s stories can assist you on your journey of your spiritual awakening to discover your soul gifts, your soul purpose and how you can be truly magnificent! 

I want to share with you not only my journey in Awakening, but many others. I hope that you can write your own journey to Awaken, by taking the learning from other people’s stories.